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Ram Caves Contest Builds Dream Garages for 3 Lucky Winners

Ram Caves

Last year, Ram Trucks announced that it would be sending out designers Timothy Dahl, Brett McKay, and Bob Vila to three lucky Ram owners to give them a proper “Ram Cave.” Every new garage would be built to meet the needs of each winner, whether if it means starting with a bare-bones garage or giving a great garage an extra special touch.

Yesterday, the Ram Trucks channel premiered the videos of all three winners getting their garage makeovers. Timothy Dahl went to meet Lee in Portland and show off the new Ram 1500. Bob Vila headed out to Prior Lake, Minnesota to meet with Rachel, who had won the contest for her father Dan, and show off the Ram 2500. Finally, Brett McKay took off for Maryland with the Ram 3500 to meet with Randy and his family. Randy’s wife had been diagnosed a year ago with breast cancer, and with the new Ram Cave, he will be able to continue his work on Ram Trucks and be closer to his family.

Check out all three Ram Cave episodes below:

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Chrysler Adopts New Universal Towing Testing Standard


Here’s a tidbit about trucks that you may not be aware of, but whenever a truck company talks about towing capability, it’s not a uniformed test amongst the truck makers.  Each company has their own version of the test and that is what they are talking about in the talking points when it comes to towing in vehicles.  That means that consumer doesn’t have a real comparison point between trucks.  That is all changing however, as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and Nissan are looking to adopt a universal towing testing system. has the full details of what the truck makers are looking to do in the future.  They quote Bill Visni, a senior analyst with as to why this will be so beneficial to buyers.  “This is good news for car shoppers.  They can compare apples to apples when they buy a new pickup.”

The majority of truck buyers are interested mostly in the towing capability.  It is the number that can really influence an owners buying opinion.  “People buy pickups to tow and haul,” said Bob Hegbloom, head of Chrysler’s Ram trucks. “These vehicles are tools. This brings a standard into place” to ensure all automakers measure their towing capacity the same way.

The Society of Automotive Engineers has already created a standardized test called J2807.  Although the companies agreed to it a few years ago it was only Toyota that used it.  The fallout from the test may explain why truck makers were so cold to using the test after initially agreeing to follow it.  By testing by J2807, the Tundra’s towing capacity dropped 400 pounds.  Moving forward, however, this will be the new standard.

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Ram Heavy Duty Trucks Get New Hemi Engine

ram2500_19As the market has been showing, trucks are very important right now.  Ram is really pushing to take away the sales market from the competition.  In order to do that, they need to make sure people know they have the best trucks on the market.  The critics have been extremely receptive to the 2014 Ram 1500 so far.  The next group of trucks Ram is sprucing up is the Heavy Duty lineup.  Ram will be giving the trucks a more heavy duty engine to make them the most powerful trucks in the class.

The 2014 Heavy Duty Trucks will now have the option of a 6.4-liter Hemi V8.  The engine has only been used by SRT up until now.  Torque News has the full numbers list of what this engine is capable of.  “This new 6.4L truck Hemi packs 410 horsepower at 5,600rpm and 429lb-ft of torque at 4,000rpm…”

Those impressive numbers give the 2014 Ram HD Trucks the edge over the competition.  Neither Ford nor GM has trucks that can match that much power.

Making the engine seem even better is the fact that it has Chrysler’s fuel saver technology.  That makes the engine shut down half of its cylinders when it’s on the highway at cruising speeds.  What this does is provide better fuel economy for truck drivers.

Ram is serious about becoming the name in trucks.  They are seeing the importance of excelling in the market right now and are really appealing to those looking for power in their trucks.

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Ram 2500 CNG: Green Alternative for Truck Drivers

The conversation after Hurricane Sandy for many of us in New York seemed to circle around climate change.  Governor Cuomo said as much during the numerous press conferences he held following the disaster.  Whenever global warming is talked about, it’s no doubt that green energy is just around the corner.  No matter your position on what happenings of the environment of late, it’s hard to deny that car makers shouldn’t be doing all they can to help with keeping emissions from their vehicles down.

Ram is answering the call that many seem to be putting out for engines running on alternative fuel technology.  The Ram 2500 will now be the first in the truck line-up that Ram has planned to have CNG (compressed natural gas).   It is the only OEM-built, CNG-powered truck that is made and sold in the US.

The Ram 2500 CNG is a bi-fuel vehicle.  That means it uses compressed natural gas as the primary source of fuel and switches over to gas only after the CNG has been depleted.  CNG is identical in mileage to that of vehicles on unleaded regular gas.  The bright spot to that is that the cost is 30 percent lower than the average price of a gallon of gas.

Breaking it down even further in comparison, CNG costs around $1.25 per GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent).  On CNG, the Ram gets 301 miles on the highway with the range getting boosted to 966 miles with the backup gas supply.  CO2 emissions are reduced by 20 percent and tailpipe emissions see a drop of more than 50 percent.

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2013 Ram 1500 Proudly Displayed

Ram has been having a big week recently. They have already captured the the attention of truck lovers by showing off their new entries into the heavy duty truck category with the reveal of the 2013 Ram 2500 and 3500. It appears they are wanting to make sure to not have that enthusiasm go anywhere and have a new way of keeping people aware of their amazing upcoming product line.

In Auburn Hills, Michigan, the Chrysler Group headquarters is sporting a new look. Draped around the front of the building is a fifteen stories high, 140 feet wide, 210 feet tall wrap that is all about the 2013 Ram 1500. It’s a remarkable sight that plays very much into the slogan that Ram has of “Guts, Glory, Ram.” Chrysler is so proud of the new truck, they want anyone within sight to be reminded of it.

The 2013 Ram 1500 has a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine under the hood and has an all-new air suspension system. The truck also has the best-in-class 25 miles-per-gallon fuel economy. The new Ram will also have a stronger frame with more high-strength steel.

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2013 Ram 2500, 3500 Heavy Duty & Chassis Cabs Revealed!

As promised, Ram Trucks rolled out the future of the heavy duty truck last week. Surrounded by a range of truck enthusiasts, from journalists to the truck-loving consumer, Fred Diaz, President and CEO of Ram Truck brand, pulled back the curtain and introduced the world to the new 2013 Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500 pickups, and the Ram 3500, 4500, and 5500 Chassis Cabs.

The 2013 Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty trucks come with the promise of the kind of power that truck owners are looking for in the brand. For the first time ever, the 3500 will be offered with a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 and a Cummins 6.7-liter High-Output diesel as standard.

Both the Heavy duty and Chassis Cab models will come with an electronic stability control to help reduce the loss of traction as standard on all Ram truck models. There will be plenty of colors to choose from, including fresh new ones and material upgrades for the truck’s interior that will be part of a new individualized themes Ram is going for. Also included in the mix will be the 8.4-inch Uconnect system that is so popular in Chrysler vehicles.

The future is bright for truck lovers as Ram aims to offer the best in the business to buyers. If you’re a Ram fan, or someone who has been wondering what all the talk is about, it’s a good time to be on the look out for a truck.

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New Ram Heavy-Duty Trucks About to be Revealed!

Truck fans have been waiting for this news for some time now. After all the leaks and the teases, it’s finally time to take a look at what Ram is planning.

The big reveal hasn’t happened just yet, but the date and the place has been announced. Ram will be pulling back the curtain this upcoming Thursday, the 27th, at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Texas. As the President and CEO of Ram, Fred Diaz, said it’s time to go big or go home.

The Ram website has a count-down until the big national unveiling of the 2013 Heavy Duty and Chassis Cab trucks. If you’re impatient and just can’t find yourself waiting even another minute to see what Ram’s future looks like, you can view the whole event live online by live streaming thanks to the Chrysler Electronic Communications Team. The whole thing goes down starting at 10 a.m. ET this Thursday, Sept 27.

Definitely something for any heavy-duty truck fan to be excited about. The new 2013 Ram 1500 is already getting lots of love from the public and critics alike. Ram is doing everything they can do to make sure they are the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to trucks.

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Ram Goes Retro With Art

Ram is looking to take a unique approach to their sponsorship of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual Hunting and Fishing Regulations guide. In order to have something different and something that really stands out, they are going back to a more nostalgic look and feel for their ads.

Mediapost has the story that Ram is going retro for the images they are using. The posters that they are making as part of the campaign are similar to those that were made during the 30’s and 40’s. They are designed to have a style similar to the Art Deco Works Projects Administration National Park Posters that were made during the Great Depression. The goal the ads had back then was to promote the beauty of America’s parks.

There are 4 ads total, 2 being a full page ad while the other two are two-page spreads, and they will be distributed to 3 million Texas outdoors men. In order to capture that right retro look, Ram hired a Dallas-based firm called The Richards Group. The ads feature various different Ram trucks, such as the Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn and the Ram 2500 Power Wagon, in various settings such as the Rio Grande Valley, Lighthouse Rock, and Balanced Rock. If you like what you see, you can purchase prints or postcards at and also at

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Cummins Preparing Next Generation Engine?

Change seems to be coming for the engine inside of Ram trucks.

According to, Ram is rumored to be introducing a new generation of Cummins turbo-diesel engine for their 2014 models. In order to deal with the emission regulations, the engine maker may be looking to no longer use the metal catalyst strategy of the past. Instead, they could be using urea-injection technology.

EPA regulations are different for commercial chassis-cab trucks. That means the Ram 3500, 4500, and the 5500 already have a diesel exhaust fluid to take care of the nitrous oxide emissions. The HD trucks that Ram has, the 2500 HD and the 3500 HD have the problem that the current catalytic-converter like filters they use is that the price is increasing.

The article states they believe the reason why Cummins is steering away from the the precious metal catalyst is due to such a steep increase in cost and that switching to another technology could help lower costs. That and with the emissions regulations starting to get stricter meaning that new ideas need to happen so Ram trucks meet them. Everything right now is still mainly speculation, but it definitely seems like a good idea to fix a problem that is coming soon. Only time will tell how close this prediction is.

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