Cummins Preparing Next Generation Engine?

Change seems to be coming for the engine inside of Ram trucks.

According to, Ram is rumored to be introducing a new generation of Cummins turbo-diesel engine for their 2014 models. In order to deal with the emission regulations, the engine maker may be looking to no longer use the metal catalyst strategy of the past. Instead, they could be using urea-injection technology.

EPA regulations are different for commercial chassis-cab trucks. That means the Ram 3500, 4500, and the 5500 already have a diesel exhaust fluid to take care of the nitrous oxide emissions. The HD trucks that Ram has, the 2500 HD and the 3500 HD have the problem that the current catalytic-converter like filters they use is that the price is increasing.

The article states they believe the reason why Cummins is steering away from the the precious metal catalyst is due to such a steep increase in cost and that switching to another technology could help lower costs. That and with the emissions regulations starting to get stricter meaning that new ideas need to happen so Ram trucks meet them. Everything right now is still mainly speculation, but it definitely seems like a good idea to fix a problem that is coming soon. Only time will tell how close this prediction is.

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