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Ram Commercial Trucks Introduce 2 New Programs to Help Dealers and Buyers

Ram Commercial is introducing a program to aid both dealers and drivers.  The two new programs will help commercial drivers view, certify, and install a wide range of truck-mounted products.  The two program names are Ram Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator and Q Pro.  Both of these programs look to give Ram Commercial Trucks an edge in a crowded and growing market.

The Ram Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator is a new program that as introduced at the end of 2016.  It is a computer-generated visual program that lets dealers and buyers have a virtual look around a truck and view their upgrades.  The program originally was only offered for the ProMaster but it has now been expanded to cover the ProMaster City and the Ram Chassis Cab lineup.

The Q Pro program is a new qualification process for upfitters to certify their product with Ram Engineering.  It provides resources to survey, make recommendations and certify upfitter products.  Once an upfitter gets certified, the Ram Q Pro will then help to market their products to customers all while they know they’re getting products that meet Ram Commercial’s rigorous standards.

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Ram Files Patent for Retractable Ramps for Truck Beds


A new patent filing by Fiat Chrysler USA may point to Ram trucks getting retractable ramps for the truck bed.

Allpar, being the ever vigilant Chrysler watchers they are, caught a hit today when they came across a patent filling.  The patent is for “ramps that slides into the bed and tailgate for storage.”  If what the patent drawings are showing is true, then Ram owners will possibly be getting an easier way to get heavy objects in and out of their truck beds.

The drawing shows a very simple concept, to have retractable ramps that sit right below the surface of the truck bed and can then be brought out.  I do not doubt that Ram would love to have this be standard issue on all their trucks.  One look at it and it is easy to see the accessibility it provides and how much of a boon it would be to truck owners who need to get something heavy loaded quickly.

While it is an easy thing to make on paper, retractable ramps like this may not be as easily produced.  It is certainly an idea that Ram has had in the past, as Allpar states, but the problem seems to be in being able to make the ramps durable enough to do their job.  This is something that either Ram has overcome and they are staking their claim on it, or they just want to have it available to them to use in the future.  Here’s hoping that they have something in place and ready to go.

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Ram Trucks Headlines May Sales Increase for Chrysler


The month of May was very positive for Ram.  With help from Jeep, Ram was one of the biggest reasons for Chrysler execs to be driving into work with smiles on their faces.  Thanks to Ram sales, Chrysler as a whole posted one of their best May sales in years.

The full gain that Chrysler posted was a 17% increase thanks to Ram Trucks.  On its own, Ram sales were up by 19%.  That number is the truck-maker’s best May sales since 2005.  Heavy-duty truck sales were also up by 34% for the month.

“Our Jeep sport-utility vehicles and Ram pickups continued to do well in May as our dealers reported brisk May sales over five weekends and the Memorial Day holiday,” said Reid Bigland, Head of US Sales for Chrysler, in a statement.

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Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge – Ram Trucks Line-Up

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Ram Commercial Truck Series Wins Fans at Truck Show

truck2 One of the best selling segments in trucks, at the moment, is the commercial segment. Ram Commercial has been working hard to produce a series of vehicles aimed to draw in new consumers. That means more though than just coming up with the best trucks but also getting word out about the quality of the product. For that reason, Ram Commercial paid a visit to the National Truck Equipment Association Truck Show to give people a glimpse of their best trucks.

Ram provided numerous ways of engaging with drivers and encouraging them to test out their heavy duty truck line. One example of this was a scavenger hunt with the Ram ProMaster. It was one part game, another part being able to discover the features of the commercial van.

Also on display was the award winning Ram 1500. The new Ram truck is always winning massive praise from truck lovers and critics alike. Just recently the 1500 was named the ‘Truck of Texas’ along with numerous truck of the year awards. With the power and comfort the 1500 can provide, it is not very surprising to see why people are in love with the truck.

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Chrysler Adopts New Universal Towing Testing Standard


Here’s a tidbit about trucks that you may not be aware of, but whenever a truck company talks about towing capability, it’s not a uniformed test amongst the truck makers.  Each company has their own version of the test and that is what they are talking about in the talking points when it comes to towing in vehicles.  That means that consumer doesn’t have a real comparison point between trucks.  That is all changing however, as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and Nissan are looking to adopt a universal towing testing system. has the full details of what the truck makers are looking to do in the future.  They quote Bill Visni, a senior analyst with as to why this will be so beneficial to buyers.  “This is good news for car shoppers.  They can compare apples to apples when they buy a new pickup.”

The majority of truck buyers are interested mostly in the towing capability.  It is the number that can really influence an owners buying opinion.  “People buy pickups to tow and haul,” said Bob Hegbloom, head of Chrysler’s Ram trucks. “These vehicles are tools. This brings a standard into place” to ensure all automakers measure their towing capacity the same way.

The Society of Automotive Engineers has already created a standardized test called J2807.  Although the companies agreed to it a few years ago it was only Toyota that used it.  The fallout from the test may explain why truck makers were so cold to using the test after initially agreeing to follow it.  By testing by J2807, the Tundra’s towing capacity dropped 400 pounds.  Moving forward, however, this will be the new standard.

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Ram Trucks Heats up the Commercial Truck Segment

ram_promaster_02Trucks have an odd dual life attached to them. Sure everyone likes to drive a car that looks good, but trucks need to be able to do their duty as a heavy duty mover. That’s what commercial vehicles are all about, trading in the frill and good looks for providing the highest quality performance. With the 2013 Ram 1500 being such a success with fans and critics, Ram is setting their sights on providing competition to Ford and General Motors with commercial vehicles.

Currently, both Ford and General Motors dominate in this field. They have almost 90 percent of the market with Ram picking up the rest. The economy is improving and companies are looking at their fleets in need of updating.

Ram is introducing a new commercial truck, a downsized cargo van based off the Fiat Doblo, later next year.

It’s clear for truck sellers that this will be a major market over the course of the next few years. Truck builders are certainly concentrating on providing solid competition amongst themselves. When that happens, the consumer wins.

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New Ram Heavy-Duty Trucks About to be Revealed!

Truck fans have been waiting for this news for some time now. After all the leaks and the teases, it’s finally time to take a look at what Ram is planning.

The big reveal hasn’t happened just yet, but the date and the place has been announced. Ram will be pulling back the curtain this upcoming Thursday, the 27th, at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Texas. As the President and CEO of Ram, Fred Diaz, said it’s time to go big or go home.

The Ram website has a count-down until the big national unveiling of the 2013 Heavy Duty and Chassis Cab trucks. If you’re impatient and just can’t find yourself waiting even another minute to see what Ram’s future looks like, you can view the whole event live online by live streaming thanks to the Chrysler Electronic Communications Team. The whole thing goes down starting at 10 a.m. ET this Thursday, Sept 27.

Definitely something for any heavy-duty truck fan to be excited about. The new 2013 Ram 1500 is already getting lots of love from the public and critics alike. Ram is doing everything they can do to make sure they are the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to trucks.

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