New 2019 Ram 1500 Easter Eggs Spotted

The new 2019 Ram 1500 has a lot of new features that are meant to help propel the truck to the head of the segment.  This includes all kinds of new tech including a new hybrid system and additional Uconnect systems.  What is not included in the long list of features being added is all the easter eggs that Ram included in the truck.  Jalopnik managed to break down all the decorative easter eggs they found in the 2019 Ram 1500.

The first is on the center console floor.  On the floor of the 2019 1500 is a parade of trucks engraved in the plastic.  It’s not just any sequence of trucks however, it seems to be a call to the march of progress, but instead of apes evolving into humans, it is the truck evolving into the modern era.  This etching rests on top of a container for more storage.

The next easter egg is on the center console lid which includes geometry tools.  This includes a protractor and conversion table in case you need to do some quick math in your truck without any access to any other tools.  There is even a ruler embedded on the plastic on the floor storage.

The last is a nod to the classic Ramcharger.  On the center console, underneath the CD player, there is a wireless phone charger marked “Ramcharger.” 

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Eastbound and Down Custom Truck For Sale

Fans of the TV show Eastbound and Down have a good reason to get excited. Kenny Powers has a custom made 2005 Ram 1500 SLT and it is now up for sale on eBay.

According to Jalopnik, the truck is owned by Justin Masters. Masters worked on the set of the show for three seasons when the start of the show, Danny McBride, saw him driving it. Apparently it appealed to him enough to want to use it for the TV show.

Sadly, Eastbound and Down has been one of those shows that I haven’t gotten to yet, but it hasn’t stopped me from getting a good laugh out of the eBay listing. It’s a pretty cool looking ride with the flame design stretching across the entire body of the truck. The greatest part is the the Lambo-style doors that it has. Another great feature that it has for the fans is the tailgate, which features damaged caused by a cannon ball. The final icing on the cake however is the other tailgate that is autographed by Danny McBride himself.

Go online to eBay and check the truck and all its glory out for yourself. It’s definitely one that will be instantly recognized when driving down the road. For a fan of this show, I could definitely see someone taking advantage of this deal.

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