Ram Readies Two Ads for Kentucky Derby

Ram Trucks has released two commercials as part of their sponsorship of the Kentucky Derby.  Both ads are slated to air tomorrow, May 2nd, during the Kentucky Derby on NBC and if you’re a fan of the work and quality associated with Ram and Chrysler’s commercial work, then you’ll be loving these.

The first ad is called “Courage is Already Inside” and is 60-seconds long.  In a brief minute, it manages to get across a real sense of struggling for accomplishment.  The ad features numerous women finding the courage and strength to overcome incredibly odds and find success.  The women shown throughout the video are Eva Shockey, an avid outdoorsman, Country Music Star Miranda Lambert, and Rosie Napravnik, a horse racing jockey, among others.  The voice-over in the ad asks the question if you have encountered a challenged that seemed impossible to conquer.  The answer is that the courage was always inside of you to tackle it.  Guts.Glory.Ram indeed.

The second ad, “The Pack” is not as heavy on voice-over and subject matter.  This one is much more comedic even with Sam Elliot’s narration.  The commercial features a pack of sheep with one of them leaving the comfort of the pack to confront the sheep dog.  He befriends the dog and gets to ride in the truck home due to his courage.  Not the most subtle imagery to associate with standing out from the pack, but effective none-the-less.

Check out the two ads and let us know which one is your favorite.

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