Check Out This Video Showcasing the Features of the Uconnect System in the 2019 Ram 1500!

The Uconnect system that is onboard FCA vehicles is one of the best and most popular digital vehicle systems on the market.  It is easy to use and features an easy to use UI.  But, it is a system that is mainly associated with sedans, suvs, minivans; not trucks.  The Ram 1500, however, makes great use of its 12-inch Uconnect system as a new video that Ram Trucks released for Truck Thursday proves.

The video breaks down the use of the Uconnect system for the average driver.  With highlighting features such as GPS for the longer hauls of equipment or for a roadtrip for the upcoming summer, the Uconnect system will get you where you need to go.  It can help you find a place to eat or gas up without having to be stressed out with searching on route. 

Here’s the video to check out: 

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Ram Trucks Improve Tech to Improve Fuel Efficiency

2013-ram-1500Gas prices are always a concern whenever it comes to picking out a car.  The recent roller-coaster trend that the gas prices have been going through is disconcerting to anyone.  That price has been a major factor for anyone stepping into a dealership looking for a new or pre-owned car.  For a truck driver, it has to be even more of a concern.  Thankfully, while trucks have been traditionally seen as fuel hogs, Ram is making great endeavors to make their trucks even more fuel efficient.

The Chronicle Herald took a look at how each truck maker is handling this new demand from their customers in having fuel efficient trucks.  Here’s the list of the methods Ram is taking to give their truck drivers the best possible and most fuel efficient trucks.

One type of technology is cylinder deactivation.  In Ram trucks, this is known as the Multi-Displacement System.  All that is fancy speak for making sure the truck isn’t using more cylinders than necessary.  If only four cylinders are needed, then only four are used.  When more force is required more of them will activate.  This in turn helps to save fuel.

Next is the an eight speed transmission.  Other truck builders use six-speed transmissions, but Ram is offering up eight on certain models.  The benefits of this are “Key benefits to having more gears include low highway-cruising revs, improved refinement and enhanced power delivery.”

The last bit of tech being used in Ram trucks to help save you gas is “Variable Valve Timing.”  This is a term that most muscle car drivers will know of.  What this does is let the vehicle’s engine computer system control performance by opening up valves when needed.  The system is constantly making sure fuel efficiency is being properly met.

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2013 Ram 1500: Built For Stop-and-Start Traffic

ram1500_03Gas prices might be on the decline, but that doesn’t stop anyone from wanting to keep that cost down overall.  Fuel economy is important to drivers.  The recent state of the economy showed just how much the average consumer cared about staying away from the pump as much as possible.  The automakers noticed this.  A major selling point of newer vehicles has been based around fuel efficiency.

That’s here the new 2013 Ram 1500 comes in.  Thanks to the Stop-Start technology it has; drivers will have improved fuel efficiency by 1 mph in city driving.

The Ram 1500 HFE models come with a high-performance starter that includes the Stop-Start system.  That is for both the 3.6L V-6 Pentastar or 5.7L V-8 HEMI engine.

What is the Stop-Start system?  It’s a very smart little do-hickey that stops the engine when the truck is at a complete stop.  A stop is based on the amount of brake pressure the driver puts on the pedal.  That means if you don’t want to stop the engine completely, then you can use soft braking.

This perk is definitely intended for anyone who has to deal with excess traffic.  Anyone who’s driven into New York through any of the tunnels knows how stop and go it can get.  How this system works during these conditions is that the stop-start turns on during the first off.  As long as you stay under 5 mph, the engine continues to run to maintain the heating or AC.  Another awesome aspect is that if the 1500 is stopped for a lengthy period of time and if it detects that the temperature is rising or decreasing, then the engine will restart to turn on the heater or the AC.

No worries about this feature wearing out fast because of what it does.  Yes there’s an additional load of work placed on the starter, alternator, and battery; the components were upgraded to handle it.

Its features like these that are compelling so many to recognize just how amazing the Ram 1500 is.

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