Check Out a Ram Hellcat Pickup Truck


Photo via Midland Chrysler

It seems that the Dodge Hellcats set a trend that nobody could really anticipate.  Everyone is trying to shove that Hellcat engine into whatever car they can.  Even Jeep is doing that with an upcoming Jeep Grand Cherokee.  What else could possibly hold that monstrous engine?  Turns out that it may just be a Ram pickup truck.

Maxim is reporting that prototypes of Ram trucks hosting the Hellcat engine were spotted at the Chrysler proving grounds.  Ram and Chrysler haven’t made any official news that a Ram truck would be having a Hellcat engine, but they said the same thing about the Grand Cherokee until that became a thing.  It could be that the engineers at Chrysler are experimenting with all the popular models of their line-up to see if the Hellcat is viable.

Maxim also covered the fact that one customer wasn’t willing to wait for a Hellcat truck.  Road and Track found a man in Ontario, Canada who really wanted that Hellcat Ram Truck and was able to find someone crazy enough to build it.  Turns out that Midland Chrysler was up to the task.  Check out their article to see what a Hellcat Ram Truck could look like.

Wonder what the next Hellcat vehicle will be.

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