Would You Want a Ram 1500 Hellcat?

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The Hellcat is the most talked about thing in the muscle car world.  What it has done to the Charger and Challenger is certainly impressive.  If you’re someone who cares about performance, there is a reason why it is the talk of the auto industry.  That brings a question to mind, however, of just what other vehicles should Dodge be looking to include in the Hellcat name?  Could a Ram 1500 get the Hellcat treatment?

It is something that Pickuptrucks.com certainly wants.  The article makes it clear they love the hell out of the Hellcat (pun intended) and would love to see that engine used in a Ram truck.  “…the Challenger Hellcat starts at just less than $65,000 including destination.  Sure, we’d rather pay that kind of money for a Ram 3500 Longhorn with a Cummins engine, but there are a few things that a Hellcat can do that nothing else can.  Which begs the question: Why is this powertrain not in a Ram 1500 SS yet?”

Why indeed, it would be interesting to see what the engineers at Dodge could come up with if they put their Hellcat knowledge and power into a Ram truck.  The article continues that the parts and pieces are already available to the Ram parent company and it would just take some time and engineering, but it certainly sounds plausible.  I guess the real question is if truck drivers would be interested in having a 1500 Hellcat.  Is it something that sounds good on paper or is there a genuine market for it?

What do you think?  Would you be interested in a Ram 1500 Hellcat?

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