Is The Ram Rebel TRX Coming?

Is Ram preparing to put out a new truck with a Hellcat engine?

The rumor mill is swirling around the possibility that Ram is getting ready to add a Hellcat-powered truck to its lineup.  This is stemming from a new listing at the Ram Trucks website that features an image of the Ram Rebel TRX concept with the tagline of “Get Ready for the Off-Road King.”

Motor Authority is one of the car blogs to notice this and reach out to Ram for clarification on what is going on with this listing.  They were told that the page in question is a year old and was made to promote the Rebel TRX concept.  This raises the question though, should Ram be giving the Rebel TRX its time in the sun?

There is a scattershot of clues that the continue to lead to speculation of the Rebel’s possible existence and Motor Authority runs through the various ones in their article, so check it out.  So far it seems to be wishful thinking, but that does mean it couldn’t become a reality in the near future.  For now, it seems, that Ram trucks is focused on producing competitive trucks and putting a foothold on the market as it creeps up on competition such as Ford.  Who knows what could happen.

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