2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel: Autos.ca Review


James Bergeron, writing for Autos.ca, was given the chance to give the new 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel a spin over the course of 4 days.

On the first day, he examined the features of the tester model that he was given.  The overall value for the equipment that he was given came out to almost $70,000!  That includes navigation, rear backup camera, the RAMBOX cargo system, and a ton more things.

Day two consisted of him loading up the 1500.  He notes that the Rambox was able to comfortable store his laptop bag, extra clothes, and even another tool bag.  His major focus on the second day evaluation is to the interior of the 1500.  The front seats, while meant for larger people, were still comfortable thanks to the large amount of features, such as adjustable seats and pedals.  A normal problem with trucks is the lack of room and comfort for anyone riding in the backseat.  The 1500 does not have this issue, offering a large enough area for people to have a happy ride or to store larger things.  For the person with enough stuff to lug around, the flat floor allows for additional storage.

The third day is putting the towing and performance of the 1500 EcoDiesel through the paces.  “The answer to the question everyone has been asking – how does the EcoDiesel tow?  Well that answer is a resounding – “Very well, thank you very much.”

On the last day, the 1500 EcoDiesel hadn’t even gone through an entire tank of gas.  It is with this in mind that the writer sees the largest potential for truck lovers to have interest in the EcoDiesel.  With high marks for fuel economy and for performance, the 1500 EcoDiesel comes highly recommended.

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Star Tribunes Loves the 2013 Ram 1500

The 2013 Ram 1500 is wasting no time in getting fans behind it. One such fan, a reviewer for the Star Tribune, took the truck for a drive and had plenty of things to love about it.

The opening of the review begins with the advancements that are going into the next generation of trucks, Ram’s included. Fuel economy is a subject on everyone’s lips of late with regards to the economy and rising gas prices. Thanks to new forms of lightweight materials and tech being introduced, pickups are about to see better bang for the buck on gas. The 2013 Ram 1500 is part of that new trend, having excellent fuel economy with the 3.6 Liter V6 engine.

The writer put the truck through the motions by taking it on a trip from Tennessee to Detroit. “The optional air suspension absorbed bumps and kept it securely planted on the highway and curving mountain roads. The steering is responsive, with good on-center feel.”

The interior is said to be very roomy with good seats and plenty of storage. For the dash-board, a dash mounted rotary dial is in the place of the shifter and this makes it so the Ram has more storage space in the center console. This dial is easy to use and very compact, similar in design to what Jaguar uses in their luxury cars.

It’s very clear that in the time he spent with the Ram, he turned into a believer into what the new Ram means. It’s “the first V-6 powered full size pickup that doesn’t sneer “cheapskate” every time you start the engine.”

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