2014 Ram 1500 Is an American Truck


There are few things that are thought of as truly “American” as a truck.  Heavy Duty, giant, and powerful are just some ways of describing these behemoths.  American auto-makers have a rich history of producing some of the most capable and long-lasting trucks on the market.  With Memorial Day right around the corner, it is time to recognize which trucks are the “most American.”

Edmunds happened to do that this year.  They put together a list of the 8 ‘most American’ trucks.  In order to make the list took more than just being built by an American company.  Edmunds took into account where the components for each truck was produced.  Other things taken into account is where the research and development occurred as well as where the profits for the sale of the truck end up at.

Placing at the number 2 spot on their list is the 2014 Ram 1500.  The 1500 has a rich history of being an American truck and has been a favorite of truck buyers for years.  The 1500 is 66 percent American derived with the final assembly of the truck being in America and Mexico.  The engine is also made here in the states but the transmission is made both here and in Italy.

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