Ram Diesel Engines Provide Higher Fuel Effieciency

2013 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty

Diesel engines have been largely asked for in a Ram truck.  It is the main reason why the company is putting them on the market, to finally stoke the fan fervor and see if that can translate to higher sales.

There’s a good reason why so many truck drivers have been asking for a diesel engine in a Ram for so long.  One reason is the improved fuel economy.  A diesel engine is capable of having 25 percent to 30 percent better fuel economy.  However, that boost does come as a double-edged sword.  While there might be a better fuel economy, diesel gas is more expensive than normal gas.

Ram hopes to remedy this problem by focusing on a smaller engine still capable of maintaining the efficiency without adding too much extra to the cost.

Drivers wanting diesel engines want more than just fuel costs though because that diesel also translate to work load.  Towing especially can see a huge boost thanks to the new diesel engines.

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Ram 3500 Case Edition on Display at SEMA 2013


The SEMA show always has the most interesting project vehicles to see. Chrysler has brought out numerous ones for the public to see and for all the reporting on the Dodge Scat Packages and the such, one of the stranger concept vehicles to see was in the truck category, the Ram 3500 Case in Bulldozer Orange.

What is most surprising about this concept heavy-duty truck is noted by PickupTrucks.com. The branding on the Ram 3500 is ‘Case.’ Case is the name of the heavy-duty agricultural and construction arm of Fiat Industrial. With this name being referenced in the new Ram, it’s clear that they are trying to sell an image of strength and legacy that comes with a name in 30 years of construction machinery work.

Mopar has done a number on this Ram, however. For starters, the Case Ram comes with a set of roof racks for oversized equipment necessary in more heavy duty work. There’s also heavy-duty running boards and splash guards. The hood is a Power Wagon with Case graphics around it.

Ram has been wanting to pick up steam with people by showing how their trucks are meant for heavier business. It’s clear that by presenting this Case Ram 3500, they really want to stick that message home.

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Ram Donates 1 Million to FFA as Part of the ‘Year of the Farmer’ Campaign


During the Super Bowl, back in February of this year, Ram declared in one of their ads that 2013 is the “Year of the Farmer.” Sticking to their words, Ram Truck brand presented a donation of 1 million dollars to the 2013 National FFA Convention and Expo this year.

When the “Farmer” ad-spot went live earlier this year, Ram made a pledge. They would donate up to 1 million dollars for views of the video on their website. The views hit 10 million in less than a week.

Since then, the ad has been viewed online more than 22 million times. It’s clear they hit a sweet spot with people.

“It’s so wonderful to see our country rise up and show support for those who work hard every day to provide vital resources to the nation,” said Clay Sapp, President of the National FFA. “The response we’ve received from Ram’s ‘Year of the Farmer’ has been overwhelming, reinforcing the pride we have in our work and what it means to be a farmer.”

Be sure to check out the ad again:

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