New Ram Truck Possibly Spotted on the Road

The Dodge Dart’s rebirth is currently the talk of the auto world in concern of new vehicles that are coming out. The public attention is focused on seeing how well the car comes out and with the onslaught of advertisement towards its impending release, people aren’t really thinking about what’s next. Some keen eyes may have just spied what’s coming down the road after the Dart. has a news story about a possible sighting for the new truck that Ram is planning. Someone has spotted and posted pictures of what may be the Ram 4500 out on a test drive on public roads. Ram has stated that they are planning to deal with the Ford and GM heavy-duty pickups that are coming out. Ram has already stated they are hoping to get a new truck out there, but it won’t be until a 2017/2018 time frame.

Allpar has a run down of the rumors about what may be features on the new Ram heavy-duty truck. One such feature will be an optional air suspension system. The system being quoted by an unnamed source as being “better than the on in the Grand Cherokee.” Another is something called the Long Hauler concept which will allow for higher capacity with a smoother ride.

Obviously nothing is for certain as of yet and this is all just assumptions, but it still an indicator of what may be coming soon. Definitely something for truck fans to start getting excited about.

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Zac Brown Band Joins Road to Ram Jam

Ram is bring a winning combination in fusing country music and Ram trucks in their “Road to the Ram Jam” concert at the end of the year. Officially joining the ranks along with Kellie Pickler, Brantley Gilbert, Easton Corbin, is the Zac Brown Band.

The Road to Ram Jam is a concert that Ram is putting on that will have 5 of today’s top country music artists. The event will also give fans the chance to win multiple prizes, one of which includes a trip for two to the invitation-only 2012 Ram Jam concert scheduled for December 29th in Nashville, Tenn to see all the artists perform. Other prizes are gifts ranging from collectible posters, vinyl records, and free music downloads. Fans who want to try their luck at winning any of the prizes, including the grand one of getting into the concert, can head over to or go on the Ram Trucks Facebook page to enter.

The final artist will be announced sometime in August. All five artists will be given lease on a 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn truck. The trucks will then be auctioned off in 2013 and the proceeds will be going towards a charity that the artist choose. The proceeds from Zac Brown Band’s will be given to Camp Southern Ground, a passion project of Zac Brown. He donated the 500-acre property to have a camp opened to help children ages 7-17 who have typical and special needs.

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Cummins Preparing Next Generation Engine?

Change seems to be coming for the engine inside of Ram trucks.

According to, Ram is rumored to be introducing a new generation of Cummins turbo-diesel engine for their 2014 models. In order to deal with the emission regulations, the engine maker may be looking to no longer use the metal catalyst strategy of the past. Instead, they could be using urea-injection technology.

EPA regulations are different for commercial chassis-cab trucks. That means the Ram 3500, 4500, and the 5500 already have a diesel exhaust fluid to take care of the nitrous oxide emissions. The HD trucks that Ram has, the 2500 HD and the 3500 HD have the problem that the current catalytic-converter like filters they use is that the price is increasing.

The article states they believe the reason why Cummins is steering away from the the precious metal catalyst is due to such a steep increase in cost and that switching to another technology could help lower costs. That and with the emissions regulations starting to get stricter meaning that new ideas need to happen so Ram trucks meet them. Everything right now is still mainly speculation, but it definitely seems like a good idea to fix a problem that is coming soon. Only time will tell how close this prediction is.

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Ram Considering the Future of Mid-Sized Trucks?

The sales numbers are out for the month of June and they have a very interesting story to tell. It’s a continuing story, showing that the sales increase trend of late is still going strong. It also has a lot to say about the current state of affairs in the auto industry. Specifically about the state of trucks. talks about how the years have not been kind to fans of mid-sized pickup trucks, lamenting the demise of the Dodge Dakota. The sales were up just over 15 percent in 2011. While it’s a very solid offering from the vehicle group, it wasn’t on the same level as full sized pickups. To compare, the numbers of the top six mid-sized trucks sold a combined total of 286,009 units. In the same amount of time, the Ford F-Series sold 886,058 units.

That hasn’t stopped Chrysler from considering a comeback for a mid-size truck. Joe Veltri, Chrysler’s VP, told Detriot News that market research indicates young men coming into the market are looking for pick-up truck conveniences without having to spent big bucks on the purchasing price and with the gas bills. There’s also desire from the baby boomers wanting to downsize their trucks as they get older.

It’s all still in the rumor stage with no confirmation on anything. The article indicates the possibility that the new truck would most definitely be in the Ram brand and may even have a unibody, not a body-on-frame architecture. At this point, anything is possible.

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