Win at the Pump with Ram!

With gas prices up and down daily, drivers are dreading their trips to the gas station this summer. New car buyers are looking for more fuel-efficient cars, and surveys show that fuel economy is the most important factor to American car shoppers.

Ram wants to ease that worry at the gas pump by giving away free gallons of gas all summer. One lucky winner will receive 500 gallons of gas, and one hundred weekly winners will receive 32 gallons.

The contest kicked off April 5 and goes through September 1, 2012, so there is still plenty of time to enter and win. You can fill out the contest entry form here, and make sure to only enter once. Multiple entries or entries under the same e-mail address will be disqualified.

Imagine how far 500 gallons of gas could take you this summer. Those trips to the pool, the park, and the grocery store add up quickly, and instead of paying for pricy airline tickets, you could take the family on a road trip for vacation. No matter how you would use it, Ram’s Gallon Guarantee contest should not be missed.

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Hispanic Scholarship Fund Gets A Boost From Ram

Ram knows that higher education is important, and that’s why they are giving back and encouraging Latino students to go to college.

According to Hispanic Business, Ram Truck brand and the Chrysler Foundation have awarded a $50,000 grant to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. The HSF is the largest provider of financial aid for Latino college students. The program supports outstanding Latino undergraduates or graduate students looking for a career in the auto industry.

Fred Diaz, the president and CEO of Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico, announced the grant during the International Hispanic Network’s gala and award ceremony. “I believe what has anchored me through the ups and downs at Chrysler are my roots. Despite being somewhat underprivileged in my younger years, I have very fond memories of growing up in a warm, close-knit, densely populated Hispanic community where everyone looked out for each other, respected one another, and where humility was and continues to be a cherished value.”

Diaz continued about his growing up in San Antonio and spoke of how much he appreciated Chrysler’s support of the Latino community. “As a Latino, I am doubly proud that my company has a strong commitment to diversity and multiculturalism.”

Chrysler has a long history of being one of the most diverse companies around. Last year, Chrysler was given a perfect score by the Human Rights Campaign and Hispanic Business magazine included the company on their Diversity Elite 60 list. If you’re still not convinced, Chrysler is on the 2011 list of “Top 50 Companies for Diversity” according to Diversity Inc magazine.

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Ram Honors Military Hero at ACM Awards

Next Monday is Memorial Day, a day that Ram takes very seriously, and this year Ram teamed up with one of country music’s biggest stars to pay tribute to America’s heroes.

Ram asked for friends and family to nominate a military service-member for the National Ram Military Hero Contest. The winning service-member and the person who nominated them would win a trip to Las Vegas for the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards and would get to meet country music star Craig Morgan.

The 2012 honoree was Army Pfc. Brandon Sapp of the 1st Calvary Division from Fort Wood Texas, who was killed by a homemade bomb. For his service, he was awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, and the Good Conduct Medal. His father John accepted the National Ram Military Hero award on his behalf last month as part of the ACM Awards weekend events.

Both Craig Morgan and Ram have a long history of supporting the troops. Morgan was active duty in the Army’s 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions for ten years and served an additional nine years in the Reserves. He has also performed in nine USO tours and won the 2006 USO Merit Award. In a recent interview, he praised Ram’s strong commitment to the military, saying, “I think it’s so wonderful that a company like Ram Trucks who is such a great brand and so recognizable; for them to get behind something, that to me is more important than anything, and that’s to get behind the men and women that serve in our Armed Forces.”

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Eastbound and Down Custom Truck For Sale

Fans of the TV show Eastbound and Down have a good reason to get excited. Kenny Powers has a custom made 2005 Ram 1500 SLT and it is now up for sale on eBay.

According to Jalopnik, the truck is owned by Justin Masters. Masters worked on the set of the show for three seasons when the start of the show, Danny McBride, saw him driving it. Apparently it appealed to him enough to want to use it for the TV show.

Sadly, Eastbound and Down has been one of those shows that I haven’t gotten to yet, but it hasn’t stopped me from getting a good laugh out of the eBay listing. It’s a pretty cool looking ride with the flame design stretching across the entire body of the truck. The greatest part is the the Lambo-style doors that it has. Another great feature that it has for the fans is the tailgate, which features damaged caused by a cannon ball. The final icing on the cake however is the other tailgate that is autographed by Danny McBride himself.

Go online to eBay and check the truck and all its glory out for yourself. It’s definitely one that will be instantly recognized when driving down the road. For a fan of this show, I could definitely see someone taking advantage of this deal.

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Ram Trucks Sponsor Kentucky Derby

As all eyes were on the Kentucky Derby this past weekend, all eyes were also on Ram trucks as well.

For the past 3 years, Ram has been the official truck of the Kentucky Derby, one of the most famous sporting events in the world. The Ram brand was everywhere at Churchill Downs from posters to vehicle displays and uniforms. Derby winner I’ll Have Another might have even gotten a little jealous at how much coverage Ram received.

At first glance, Ram seems out of place next to the fancy dresses, exotic hats, and mint julep-sipping crowd, but on closer look, the partnership makes perfect sense. The Kentucky Derby might be a high-class affair, but the road to the Kentucky Derby is rough. This sentiment is echoed in their campaign for the Kentucky Derby which was “Hard-Earned, Not Hard-Won.” Every day, horse owners need a reliable truck and trailer, and they can appreciate Ram’s customizable towing features and tools that help horse owners find the best truck to fit their needs. There is a saying that behind every great man, there is a better woman. Well, one of the best kept secrets of the Kentucky Derby is that behind every race horse, there is an incredible trainer and a great truck.

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Ram Deals in May!

Ram is Commercial Truck Season for Ram!  Take a look at some of the great deals you can take advantage of!



~$1,000 Trade Assistance

~$2,500 Retail Consumer Cash

~$4,500 Total Cash Available



~$2,500 Consumer Cash

~0/1.9/2.9/4.9% APR

~$2,500 Lease Cash



~$500 Retail Consumer Cash

~$1,000 B/E Bonus Cash

~$1,000 Trade Assistance (Any Vehicle)

~$2,500 Total Cash Available

Man Up with Ram’s RAMActs

Ram wants you to man up and share your RAMActs.

Ram kicked off the month of May by daring its nearly 27,000 Twitter followers to get their blood flowing and show what their made of with Random Acts of Manliness.

What is a RAMAct? A RAMAct is doing something extraordinary. Get a tattoo, climb a mountain, face your fears, and man-up, and post a picture or video to Twitter with the hashtag #RAMActs.

If Ram’s female fans feel left out by the campaign, they don’t need to fear. RAMActs aren’t only for the boys and men. Last night, Ram tweeted, “Random Acts of Manliness aren’t just for men! Ladies can join in the movement too,” so Ram ladies can step up to the plate and brag about their own RAMActs.

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